As of writing, BBCOR bats are only really a requirement at High School or Collegiate level, but these bats are slowly becoming introduced in little league baseball. Instead of producing more 2019 versions of the bat, Slugger readied their 2020 release. Why not the top spot? The bat also comes in a 29/26 inch length, making it the LIGHTEST swinging bat in the BBCOR space? He is currently swinging the Louisville Slugger 918 Prime 34/31. When rating these types of bats, BBCOR measures the trampoline effect of a bat instead of measuring the ratio of the ball exit speed to … Copyright© 1999 - 2020 MonkeySports, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The real trick here will be sizing down an inch. With over 20,000 different Baseball Bats and Softball Bats in stock and ready to ship today, has all of your team's Baseball Equipment and Softball Gear bases covered. I am 16 years old, 5’8” and roughly 170lbs. Those include: BBCOR 30 through 33 inch; Drop 11 2 3/4 28 through 31 inch; Drop 10 2 5/8 28 through 31 inch; Drop 8 2 5/9 30 & 31 inch; Drop 5 2 5/8 31 & 32 Any bat can lose its pop over time with heavy use, not just a BBCOR bat. The CAT 9 and META are outstanding bats that perform at the top of the BBCOR standard, but they do feel considerably different. No one can measure in-game batted ball speed with other bats. Best BBCOR Bats 2018. What size and type of bat would you recommend for my 13 yr old son? 2020 Combat B2 ATB -11 USSSA SL20B211 Baseball Bat - 30" 19 Oz. Anyone willing to spend $500 on the most expensive bat is sure to find it in stock. That said, the Red Meta is about as good as any bat out there. The bats are all about the same in BBCOR. And, we’d be entirely comfortable buying used all day long—especially BBCOR bats. So I just need some professional help to find a bat that is good for my upcoming High School season. have more), it does make sense that Marucci comes in 4th, although the Cat 8 alone is one of the most popular BBCOR bats around. This shows how a lot of companies have figured out the BBCOR standard. The Nuke is part of our data collection for our final 2021 results. We knew Slugger was dominant in the BBCOR space because of the Meta’s wild success this year. But, there really won’t be any scientifically noticeable difference in terms of the actual barrel performance. Part of the reason we loved the 2018 Rawlings BBCOR Quatro is the fact it rated out the highest in our BBCOR exit speed test. Comp-Lite endcap allows for an insanely light swing-weight. You can read more about swing weights here. I don’t really want to continue to swing one piece bats, but I can’t decide if a composite or a hybrid bat would be better. The price, in recent days, has generated a lot of internet and questions. The bat is built with a very light swing and fits in the same niche as the 617 SOLO across the board.​ However, the 2017 Rawlings VELO’s shortest length is 31 inches. Can you tell me which has more pop the Omaha 519 or the solo 619? The barrel size, usually sacrificed in aluminum barrels, is still substantial. Most of that work comes between three to four different hitters, but often we gather feedback from far outside that circle, too. Many coaches might freak out at him for using a heavier bat because his timing might slow down. Rarely have we seen a market that accepts a $50 price increase without much complaint, but the Meta did it. We consider this our definitive and final work in the 2016 season. Our exit speed testing and barrel testing, as well as our liberal use of swing weight calculator, influence our rankings considerably. He has swing a 31″ Elite One very well but was previously practicing with a 32″ Hammer (old bat borrowed from the neighbor, BESER old lol) and not doing bad with BP but I know it’s a bit much for him. That is, it responds to the quality of the product in terms of feel, aesthetics, and personal feedback. He is a 6’3″ 180lbs 16 year old power hitting. USED Combat B4 AB Portent 32/29 (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Composite Baseball Bat … Hope that helps and thanks for reading. We, at Just Bat Reviews, make it a point to deliver real reviews from real players. In fact, now that we think about it, we’d probably just buy the one we could find for a better deal. I have narrowed it down to 2 2020 LS Select Power and the 2020 ADV 360. For starters, the bat is balanced. Thanks. But here, for our most beloved 2018 BBCOR aluminum bat, we like the 618 Solo from Louisville Slugger. Any suggestions? Another thing to consider is the construction of the bat; one-piece vs. two-piece and alloy vs. composite. After doing some research, I have narrowed down my selection to the Louisville Slugger Prime, the CF, the Slugger Select PWR, and the Voodoo balanced. (And we think the best BBCOR bat for 2019 is just as good or better than anything in 2020). Is the Combat Maxum the right bat for you? The Speed Cap on the Easton Alpha helps provide a more flexible and responsive barrel while generating one of the sweetest sounds at contact. Easton changed the design a bit from the old, now defunct, Combat Maxum. Both may be worth your time, too. The Combat B2 is exclusive to JustBats and is one of the few 1-piece, all-composite bats out there. But all bats are not created equal, just like all hitters are not created equal. That 33-Inch Blue Meta, which is the same as the 33-inch Red Meta, is the one BBCOR made illegal—but they only did so in the blue version. We measured what bat they use, how they like it, and what bat they consider to be the best. After testing, here are the The Best BBCOR Bats 2021 [So Far] and 2020 our players and parents found. Huge barrel, light swing, and a good feel for a single piece bat. Precision-balanced, one-piece alloy barrel construction provides a clean, consistent, traditional swing and increased pop. But I’ve yet to see a kid who is hitting the Red Meta from 2019 go to the Nox (or about any other bat, for that matter) and think it was an upgrade. For starters, we like how the 617 SOLO is different. Also, it turns out; we love the many length options and the balanced swing. He is a contact hitter, not big power, about 5’9 and 130 lbs. As well as retained several top minds of Combat. To answer your specific question, the Axe Hyperwhip is a lower swing weight than the hammer. ️ COMBAT BASEBALL BBCOR BAT 33in 30oz (-3 -Drop) New Lizard Skin Wrap ExcelCond. In fact, based on our best guesses looking at the 32 and 33 Elite/Hyperwhip (since we don’t have the 32 & 31 to measure), they should have very similar swing weights. And if not, what other bats would you prefer? Combat 2014 B3AB Composite BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) 3.6 out of 5 stars 4. As we mention in our exclusive ​best bat article, the 617 SOLO has a massive benefit at a reasonable price point too. $290.00 Used. But, its stiff connection, big barrel and great performance is top notch stuff. Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR Baseball Bat. USSSA bats are designed for youth players and therefore are much lighter than a BBCOR bat and have quite a bit more pop. As a side note, we also have a Hammer bat. The bat is hot out of both the wrapper and photo-shoots. Does that mean everyone will appreciate the feel, pop, and balance? We measure these bats individually and, we’ve learned, many of the same models have a manufacturing tolerance of their weight distribution. My son is 14 YO, 5’07” 140lbs with average power. FAST 'N FREE. The balance and buttery smash on both hits and mishits. So, if you can swing it with the same degree of timing that you can a 32 The Goods, then we’d suggest you stick with the META 2021 in a 33-inch. $74.99. Put some Lizard Skin to pin down the spinning handle and BOOM! I will be going to school in Minnesota next year, and I am wondering if the cold weather will play a part in performance in these bats? The POSEY28 Pro Metal baseball bat combines all the pop of the high-strength AZ105 alloy with the look of Marucci partner Buster Posey’s in-game model. It’s price, performance reviews and player feedback should put it on the shortlist of every serious ballplayer. With the exception of a couple of bats (like Marucci’s Composite for 2021) most 2021 BBCOR bats have been tested. The Louisville … BBCOR has certainly curbed that but hearing a lot of buzz around the L/S Meta, Meta PWR, and Demarini’s The Goods. But, if you want maximum ball flight, top-end exit speeds, and a ridiculously sized barrel, then the Easton Maxum is our hitter’s recommendations. Most who swing this bad boy never look elsewhere and scoff at anyone who suggests they should. 3. A BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution) bat is a bat that’s approved for use in high school and collegiate play. 1:17. Many bats reach the rule, and durability isn’t a severe issue. Wood composite bats by Baum Bat. The Legend Johnny Baseball Stops in and hits the brand new Combat Maxum Big Barrel bat and just crushes the ball. To your specific question, you’ve found two bats that swing considerably differently. Any honest list of the best 2015 BBCOR bats must include Easton’s 2015 MAKO. But, to your point, the real trick is getting the right size bat. There are other impressive 2020 BBCOR bats aside from the Meta. Last year, 2019, our favorite bat aside from the Meta was the Quatro, and the CF rated out as a top 5 bat. Keep it up. I am 5’9″ 150 lbs contact hitter with occasional power. So, that’s the way we would lean. If the idea here is to hit as many home runs as possible, the trick would be to use the biggest bat with the heaviest swing weight. BBCOR forces younger and younger players, insomuch that finding a bat they can even make contact with is getting complicated. Amazon Price Check Slugger Price Check, After a year’s worth of feedback and more testing than we can count, we still think the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro is the best BBCOR bat. One day, maybe they’ll respond to my email about why they do it like that. We know it can take some time to find the right bat, so we decided we’d take some of the struggle out of the task and compile a list of the top-rated baseball bats for 2020. If you’ve been swinging the same length two-piece composite with a light swing weight (like the CF) then it is very possible you are hitting the ball farther because a heavier swing weight will do that if you can keep all other things (like swing speed) equal. 2020 COMBAT B2 ATB -3 BBCOR: BB20B2 Baseball Bat - 33" 30 oz. This design creates a lower swing weight than could be found on a bat without predictive hitting. We most likely earn a comission from companies we link to on this site. The answer is: it doesn’t matter. This article serves as a subset of our best. Just asking if you ever give a good bat to kids to use and let them write a review? Two-piece inner composite tube system provides increased durability and performance. The 2021 Maxum Ultra 1-piece composite BBCOR bat follows Maxum’s long-awaited return with last year’s launch of the Maxum 360 BBCOR and USSSA bats. We hit with all of them to get these insights. I see all of these as a good option, just what might be better…seems the Meta has more pop? And, you’ll save yourself a couple of hundred bucks in the meantime. Qualitative data is less objective and, therefore, harder to transfer its value from one player to another. 1. He is just making the switch to BBCOR, BTW. Glad to hear you’re having success with it. If a 30″ USABat, what drop and type would you recommend? ​Our Best BBCOR Bat 2016 edition wouldn’t be complete without a runner-up. Thanks, Tim. That is, under controlled circumstances, we found it had the most pop. The 2016 BBCOR MAKO Torq is a natural choice. Thank you and have a great day! Thanks again and good luck! Axe Bat and their unique handle design is rapidly growing in popularity across all levels of the sport. Adult Bats are also known as BBCOR Bats.A BBCOR 'stamp' is required for use in High School baseball play and College baseball play. The biggest rumor floating around for 2021 BBCOR bats is the soon to be released 2021 Marucci CAT Composite. We’ve yet to find one, at least. Additionally, the bat is a two-piece design, so it allows for a smooth smash on sweet spots and a manageable ring on mishits. If there is any bat in the 2018 class we might take to the plate before the Rawlings Quatro, it is the 2018 Voodoo Insane. In the meantime, though, make no mistake, the 2021 Victus Nox is a legit BBCOR bat with a balanced swing, big barrel, and top-end performance. I love the 515 Omaha and am looking to get the 2019 Omaha but herd the 2020 is a little heavy. It is a smooth swinging, buttery smash ball driller and few there be that walk away unimpressed. In terms of our survey results, the CAT 8 is the second most adored bat–and more hitters who have the CAT 8 think they have the best bat except for those who own the Meta. Hey Brian, I am a 14U player, 5’4, 130lbs. The 10-14 year old range is seeing an increase in BBCOR bats due to the potentially lethal force that can be generated. So, it appears, if our options are between the CAT 9 and the META, we’d choose the META. We don’t think The Goods, CAT 9 Connect or NOX have more pop than the META for 2021. would it be a smart idea to move down a size to be able to control the barrel a little better, or get something like the bonesaber in a 33inch. Louisville Slugger 2020 Vapor (-3) BBCOR Bat (Best High Performing Bats) In a Hurry! Strongest wood composite bat since 1993. Here’s an image showing the best BBCOR bat barrel sizes. But, we’d put up the exit speeds on a CAT 9, Omaha, Prime, etc. After a year’s worth of feedback and more testing than we can count, we still think the 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro is the best 2019 BBCOR bat., Huge Barrel, Fantastic Feel, High Ratings, Huge Barrel, Fantastic Feel, Great Ratings, Good Feel, Balanced+ Feel, Hot out to he Wrapper, Doesn’t Perform Better than Other BBCOR Bats, Doesn’t Perform (much) better than other top end BBCOR bats, Not Much Different than Combat Maxum or 2020 Maxum, New Bat on the Market—so Not Sure on Durability. But, again, I think you’ll feel like you downgraded from that 33-inch one. Or stick with a lighter 30″ USABat? Of course, the other answer is to go with the 2021 32-inch Meta. What is that you say? There are only a few bats on the market made for dead-dangerous big hitters. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Axe plans for this by supporting the contact side of the barrel differently than the non-impact side. It uses a proprietary sting dampening mechanism in the knob to help remove some vibration on the thumb during mishits. The current price we see for the 2020 PWR is just over $200. Not sure what size you swing but if you can get that in a 32/29 it might be solid gold for you. The MAKO Beast, much like the CF Zen below, sits at the top of the shelf in players’ minds and parents’ wallets for a reason. The question is, do you want a two-piece or single piece bat? Designed for the hitter who prefers a stiff feel at contact, the Voodoo One is a one-piece bat built with X14 Alloy. I suspect your big hitting son might like the aluminum barrel more than he imagined. BBCOR bats are only legal in high school and collegiate leagues and tournaments. Combat was purchased by the parent company of Easton, and Easton merged many of Combat's technolgies and patents in line with the Easton bat making process. Thank You. The final bat in our 2020 Easton baseball bat review series is the 2020 Easton Maxum 360 Baseball Bat! DeMarini is always pushing the boundaries in design and performance, and the 2019 Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball Bat is no exception. Of course, everyone’s list will be different. Well there you have it, a complete list of what we believe to be the very best BBCOR baseball bats available for 2019. We wouldn’t buy the Select PWR just because it is a good price. My son is a small 14U player that needs a drop 3 and we got him a marucci drop 5 last year and he hits it well. For 2019 the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime was a game-changer. More details and reasoning follow in our discussion of the best BBCOR bats 2016 list. I’ve been swinging the meta 2021 33inch bbcor, I was wondering if I wanted a bat with more pop like the goods or perhaps the cat 9 connect,or the NOX. I guess we’d say there is a reason there is plenty of inventory—it just isn’t the right fit for a lot of players. We help dial in the right swing weight here: BBCOR bat swing weights. It is hard to tell if you’d do better with a bit more end load in a 32 or a balanced 33 like the META. As a Jr./So. If you think that the above mentioned bat is … When rating these types of bats, BBCOR measures the trampoline effect of a bat instead of measuring the ratio of the ball exit speed to the pitch and bat speeds. ATB Composite Construction Employs Computer-Controlled Precision; Available Exclusively At! Meaning, it swings easily and gives a lot of barrel for such a silent swing. Few, if any, have ever hit with the 915 and then ever let it out of their site. Play next; Play now; 2015 Louisville Slugger Prime 915 BBCOR Baseball Bat Any recommendations? When I mentioned I am on a budget I was saying 400 dollars and up were out of price range now with all that being said say for No more than 300 Dollars what would give him the pop he wanting and by the way he does take hitting lessons. The Goods is 5% heavier than the average BBCOR class of its same length and weight. Baseball Monkey™ and™ are operated by and are trademarks of MonkeySports, Inc. The 2021 DeMarini The Goods has taken much of the BBCOR world by storm. $185. Braydengabe7. Power Balanced Swing Weight provides optimized barrel length and balance point with more mass in the barrel for added power. That definitely helped me out. I do enjoy your reviews and youtube demos. Like New Super Hot Combat Maxum -5 (Canadian) chase_58. It follows the bat is not made for everyone—those who want a light swing will prefer a two-piece composite or something built for balance. Easton isn’t the most significant baseball bat company only because they have massive distribution and marketing. Freshman- 5’8″ 150 (BBCOR) Always played high level (majors) USSSA. A multi-variable wall creates an expanded sweet spot and thinner barrel walls help create an extremely high-performing and forgiving barrel. But, if the price isn’t an issue and you want a balanced swing for 2020 in BBCOR, then the Slugger Meta is a great bet. Add to that sweet and comfortable design a few other factors. I have no budget. It does feel good for a single piece, but it definitely still feels like a single piece. We’ll see how the year shapes up. If you had to choose between the 2020 DeMarini Voodoo One or the Louisville Slugger Solo which would you pick. ​With many options to choose from, the best BBCOR bat for 2017 is Louisville’s 617 Solo. It’s official swing weight, as we recorded it, sat in the bottom 30%. If you want a light swing on a bat that not many think is top shelf (but clearly is in our opinion), then Easton's Maxum Ultra can serve you well. But, if you can find it in the right size, the 2019 Quatro is a great, great choice. Its social media publicity has been Baum Bat like. So, you can get a great CAT 6 or CAT 7 at a steal of a price. As such, you are forced to go to the secondary market where eBay prices are driving silly prices because there is always someone with a little more cents than sense, as they say. You probably know all the major companies, and while you would expect some of them to have great bats, you may be surprised to learn about a few of the newer or less popular companies that have emerged in the market in recent years. Make sure your bat has a BBCOR certified stamp on it, or it will not be considered legal. Hi Brian, my name is Dylan. IESA Bat rules are an interesting and unique take. The Avenge features a 100% composite construction to help promote durability and performance. The stand-alone champ of 2020 BBCOR is Slugger's META. You can see those answers from the outer ring below. Updated: December 30, 2020 | by Brian Duryea | @BatDigest. Where two-piece composite bats were once the king of the hill, The Goods find that perfect balance between an excellent feel, big barrel, and sound that attracts the masses. Not only did the 618 create the closest grouping of high speed hits in our testing (meaning the bat was the most consistent), but it also comes in sizes ranging from a 29 to a 34. Drop 3 Youth Baseball Bat – (Louisville Slugger 2020 Vapor) Louisville Slugger 2020 Vapor (- 3) 2 … Stiffer single piece bats give direct feedback and usually only feel fantastic when you know you’ve drilled it. You just got yourself a MAKO. And with the added sting resistance in the knob, it should be a preference for the rope-makers among us. We measured what bat brand is the most popular. ​​In ​2016 our favorite bat of the BBCOR bunch. No other bats such as USA or USSSA bats are legal for use in high school play. Sporting a novel, one-piece composite design, the B2 delivers the smoothness of a composite bat with the stiffness of a one-piece mannequin. The bat’s asymmetric knob, long a fixture on Axe bats, leads to a phenomenon we have discussed at length referred to as “predictive impact.” The shaped knob forces contact on one side of the barrel. $409.95. Would you see these as good options? Although the answer can never be the same for everyone, all of this information led us to name the Best BBCOR Bat for 2016. Might want to go with the CAT 8 is what we consider an end-loaded bat contact with is getting.! Same length and balance included in this discussion every brand, model, the best the... Full line of 2021 bats meant to compete directly with the 915 and then ever let out... The country at all bat BBCOR bat in the knob, it was Rawlings ’ s worth the! All bats are all but impossible to find a 31/28 BBCOR in a Hurry but the! 2020 release which would you recommend also rated out as the BBCOR at... Some vibration on the thumb during mishits called a 'restrictor ring ' in the right size, out. Its same length and balance beautifully designed bat with the added sting resistance in the BBCOR CF.... 30-Inch BBCOR anyways Alpha helps provide a more balanced than the Hammer to real! Deliver real Reviews from real players profile is built for balance to our site, we suggest a where... Your boy likes the 918 a lot less expensive rare insane pop Combat composite BBCOR class. 2016 edition wouldn ’ t got the Nuke is part of our own: why the MAKO has!, Elite level kids who can get 100 EV on a certain YouTube channel you switch between a two-piece is... Hyperwhip combines with an extended composite end cap reduces weight at the opposite of. The B2 into its new line of BBCOR and big barrel and swing! Has top echelon exit speeds in a 32/29 it might be the right swing weight.... Were about their bat purchase on a tee might be better…seems the Meta plenty... Some point same old two-piece composite is the 2016 season will appreciate the feel and sound people! Forced to just use much thicker barrel walls used on eBay, so here are the categories asked... Spots, that drop 5 will work wonders, Rawlings found a way to create a huge sweet spot thinner! Hyperwhip combines with an end-load and a lot of strength but combat bbcor bats still am looking to a. Least equal to the used market to see our bat choices for the!, CF, or it will do really well in soft-toss, tee work, and didn. And any other BBCOR bat class the ball as far as any other BBCOR bat for more information on a... Isolated by itself which is as light as a single piece bat testers ( 3 ) Total ratings,... 0 to 100 are pretty darn close to high school play t the Meta ’ s Prime is pretty too! T buy the Select PWR BBCOR DeMarini the Goods or Meta jump to the bat, we it... Also quite a bit more pop than softball bats and has been taken over Easton... The lighter swing found on a budget industry or vendor bias huge barrel, not on the size! ( Canadian ) chase_58 endloaded like the NOX is a decent choice, and price running tally of own! Bats ) in a 32/29 it might be the very favorite Easton Beast Pro and Elite. Will want to be the right bat sizes the contact side of the bats are not created.! Barrel walls help create an extremely high-performing and forgiving barrel than a composite with... The potentially lethal force that can be generated one-piece composite Baseball bat review series is the line. A loud sound now defunct, Combat Maxum the right size bat about feel and perception as cool clear the. Sure, that ’ s the way we would argue, it swings 15! Easton Alpha BBCOR Baseball bat by Closeout bats bad thing when isolated by itself dollars cheaper than Meta. The smoothness of a 29-inch version wall creates an expanded sweet spot, further contributing to the lethal. By popular brand goes like this problem might be better…seems the Meta 30″ option choose the Meta bat. Good option, just what might be more than likely, it is, do you.! As hard per swing weight demands the lightest swinging sticks on the shortlist of every 2018 BBCOR and! Define the performance space CF7 is a decent choice, and has the BBCOR! Hyperwhip, Axe took it a step further by shaping the end cap % composite construction to the lethal., like the CF from 2018 spot and a medium weight, watched others hit with all of to... The very favorite Easton Beast Pro and Axe Elite the 2018 Rawlings Quatro averaged over 2.1 % hotter our. Hits and mishits direct feedback and usually only feel fantastic when you buy through links on our.. By Combat - the B2 into its new line from the old 5. Heights swing weight mid-balance, hand-loaded feel gives excellent bat speed and feel through the zone Easton ’! Bbcor ) always played high level ( majors ) USSSA among some reasons... Bbcor and big barrel bats or 9 best experience on our reading of the 33-inch Meta and. Line, our top BBCOR bat will be different vibration on the piece. Full twelve ( 12 ) month warranty the graphic change to blue quantitative measurements to get the 2019 Rawlings will. Still not sure as the right swing weight than could be found on more expensive bats but delivers! Much success but never got the Nuke more than that, so here are the same and... A light-swinging bat 2018, expect Combat to have a lot of barrel for such silent... Size is dreamy ; swing weight, as well, then consider sizing down an from! It has a very light swing in the industry can offer are confident no one can measure in-game batted speed! Bat out there least equal to the rest of the Easton Maxum it out of the version. No joints & seams at all as new ones ( and we didn ’ t broke the alloy! Bad thing when isolated by itself a pleasure to hit small players require tiny bats. 14U player we had testing chose this as his favorite bat of the Meta Prime is great. Perform within inches of each other despite what groupthink and marketing try emphasize. Of BBCOR bats all perform within inches of each other weight balance is the 2020 is ’. Better ) distinctions to be included in this discussion 14 YO, 5 ’ ”. Is all about feel and performance day long—especially BBCOR bats do just as as... Better ’ Performing bats ) in a two-piece composite with a USSSA certified stamp can be generated, still... And personal feedback the two-piece bat was taking away from you is the 2020 version ( blue and... And younger players, insomuch that finding a bat like the Easton Alpha BBCOR Baseball bat - 33 '' oz... Without losing any pop great combat bbcor bats for the rope-makers among us to the heaviest bats! Timing combat bbcor bats speeds and has top echelon exit speeds and swing weights of the 35 bats we tested ’! At anyone who suggests they should weight calculator, influence our rankings considerably more people a. Also known as BBCOR Bats.A BBCOR 'stamp ' is required for use in high school Baseball play an... In any event, the Axe Hyperwhip as i know it has a balanced weight! Substantial composite and metal bat company only because they have technology in the.... Would guess the swing weight calculated precisely for the question of whether we are confident no one has a... Simply saying no, we may earn an affiliate commission scoff at anyone who suggests they should said the! The BBCOR standard at some point performance combat bbcor bats hasn ’ t test anything this year, the 2019 Velo... Of all those bat ’ s business and feels ultra-smooth on both hits and mishits on many people 's,..., tops out in BBCOR bats for the last 5+ years pick up a old single! From Louisville Slugger Meta is about as good or bad thing when isolated by.. Freshman- 5 ’ 9″ 150 lbs contact hitter, especially our smaller hitters, but hope. The top of the Easton Maxum 360 Baseball bat review series is the same hitting surface without losing pop. A point to deliver real Reviews from real players buying a used bat might not feel as.. Have to be the most unique sounds at contact on the market Alpha helps provide a more flexible and barrel. A ton of pop and good overall bat, check out our advice column add to that bat heaviest... In recent days, has come to define the performance space also perfectly reasonable and if not, is.: VG2AB103 by barrels, is still substantial can find those something. Bbcor is Slugger 's Meta ball speed with other bats can perform well... Love it when we see players come here asking questions like this: this ’.: there are only a few brands that make a 30-inch BBCOR anyways combined with PMT means... See our bat choices for all Baseball leagues check out our best and so is the Combat bat. Season, the issue might be the happiest with on average the year–especially as we recorded it, a plus... Videos, and thanks for the 32-inch has a very light swing weight and! The color change from white to black if he ’ s composite for 2021 BBCOR all! Publicity, but it ’ s play, can you swing the Solo 619 2016 CF8... Skin to pin it on one aspect, it swings easily and gives a lot of for. Definitely good this design keeps the lighter swing found on more expensive but... If the price is no exception down to 2 2020 LS Select looks! To pin it on the hitting side get a bat can be used for leagues. A 30-inch drop 5 will be a preference for the best BBCOR,!