Change the store password: keytool -storepasswd -new -keystore C:UCMDBUCMDBServerconfsecurityserver.keystore -storepass The following command displays the inner key of the keystore. Keep all the files (the keystore, extracted java files) in one folder. Additionally, Keystore can be protected with a password. Well, there are several ways you can use to for Android keystore recovery. Android Studio automatically stores your debug signing information in a signing configuration so you do not have to enter it every time you debug. Create this class in your project before using it. Eclipse Android [duplicate], Passing dynamic string resource to “setText()”, Android custom calendar view disable specific dates, Notification whenever a new topic is created on mosquitto, Error:(12) No resource identifier found for attribute 'scalteType' in package 'android', Getting particular view from expandable listview, How to set speaker phone off when the app is killed by the “Recent App drawer”. The named scopes allow you to communicate intention, but they all work the same way. Select the Store checkbox and … @Haresh Chhelana example is good, However if you want to show both name and code in spinner after selecting, check this out. You should retrieve the object associated with your group view, pass this object to your second/edition fragment. However, while this solution does increase security, it is very inconvenient for the user, as it forces them to enter password each time they want to access Keystore. When the image is shown on a xhdpi screen will the image be scaled to... getActivity() returning null is a perfectly valid scenario which you should expect as well. use following method..... **************************************************** Bitmap bm = ShrinkBitmap(imagefile, 300, 300); image.setImageBitmap(bm); Bitmap ShrinkBitmap(String file, int width, int height) { BitmapFactory.Options bmpFactoryOptions = new BitmapFactory.Options(); bmpFactoryOptions.inJustDecodeBounds = true; Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(file, bmpFactoryOptions); int heightRatio =(int)Math.ceil(bmpFactoryOptions.outHeight/(float)height); int widthRatio =... java,android,android-fragments,spannablestring. Dont pannick as the methods bellow will solve your problem METHOD 1 open this file from the android studio or any text editor ..Project\.gradle\2.4\taskArtifacts\taskArtifacts.bin search for storePassword or Release… I once accidently deleted mine and faced the same problem. Step 1: Go to the Gradle, Mostly you can find on the right side of the IDE. --> to