Other 7 cities with more than 1 million plus population are Varanasi, Meerut, Allahabad, Bareilly, Aligarh, Moradabad and Saharanpur. The settlement came to be known as Lakhanpur (or Lachhmanpur) by the 11th century, and later, Lucknow. Yellowish muga silk is sometimes used in addition to the white thread. [84] [120], In February, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav gave the approval to set up a metro rail system for the state capital. [211], One of the earliest All India Radio stations has been operational in Lucknow since 1938. One of the Nawab's enduring legacies is the region's syncretic Hindu–Muslim culture that has come to be known as the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb. Out of which 2394476 are males while 2195362 are females. [139] Among the extant architecture, there are religious buildings such as Imambaras, mosques, and other Islamic shrines as well as secular structures such as enclosed gardens, baradaris, and palace complexes. [39] Fog is quite common from mid-December to late January. To conclude it, the population of Lucknow in 2019 as per estimates = 3.56448 Million. The Nagarjuna construction company (NCC) has started The average national sex ratio in India is 940 according to the Census 2011 Directorate. In excess of 37 percent of the aggregate population lives in country areas, leaving scarcely around 63% made out of the urban population. The Scheduled Caste population of the state represented 21.3% of the total population, a figure higher than the state average of 21.15%. [68], The Lucknow Municipal Corporation oversees civic activities in the city. Awadh was placed under a chief commissioner – Sir Henry Lawrence. Uttar Pradesh Population decadal growth, 1919-2019 - … As of 2008[update], there were 110 wards in the city. QuickFacts District of Columbia QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. Lucknow, along with Agra and Varanasi, is in the Uttar Pradesh Heritage Arc, a chain of survey triangulations created by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to boost tourism in the state. It originates at the Imambara Nazim Saheb in Victoria Street then moves in complete silence through Patanala until it terminates at the Karbala Kazmain, where the colossal black ta'zieh is buried. There are plans to develop KDSB stadium on the lines of Ekana Stadium. From 1350 onwards, Lucknow and parts of the Awadh region were ruled by the Delhi Sultanate, Sharqi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, Nawabs of Awadh, the British East India Company and the British Raj. [180] The chikan industry, almost unknown under the Nawabs, has not only survived but has flourished. Pune (MH) 8. The edifice provides the west entrance to the Great Imambara and is embellished with lavish decorations. The city is one of the social capitals in North India. [82] Crowd-control is carried out with the help of pepper-spraying drones. Summers are very hot with temperatures rising into the 40 °C (104 °F) to 45 °C (113 °F) range, the average highs being in the high of 30s (degree Celsius). The other stadiums are Dhyan Chand Astroturf Stadium, Mohammed Shahid Synthetic Hockey Stadium, Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Stadium at Northern India Engineering College,[218] Babu Banarsi Das UP Badminton Academy, Charbagh, Mahanagar, Chowk and the Sports College near the Integral University. Population Census of Lucknow District in 2011 is 4,589,838. The Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara and Rumi Darwaza stand in testament to the city's Nawabi mixture of Mughlai and Turkish style of architecture while La Martiniere college bears witness to the Indo-European style. The main long-distance railway station is Lucknow Railway Station located at Charbagh. The treaty of 1801 proved a beneficial arrangement for the East India Company as they gained access to Awadh's vast treasuries, repeatedly digging into them for loans at reduced rates. Sex Ratio for Lucknow district is 917 per 1000 male. Delhi (DL) 3. Modern day Lucknowites are known for their polite and polished way of speaking which is noticed by visitors. It was exchanged for the Nawabs of Awadh. [131][132] This was an increase of 25.36% compared to the 2001 figures. [13] Bounded on the east by Barabanki, on the west by Unnao, on the south by Raebareli and in the north by Sitapur and Hardoi, Lucknow sits on the northwestern shore of the Gomti River. The name changed to Laksmanauti, Laksmnaut, Lakhsnaut, Lakhsnau and, finally Lakhnau... School consistently ranks among the top schools of India, busiest in Uttar Pradesh garrison based at Residency. Chattar Manzil stands the 'Lal Baradari ' built by Major-General Claude Martin who was born in Lyon and died Lucknow. These buildings lie in the country aside from this, Lucknow has District... That of the Hindu and Muslim rulers who ruled the city, the city furthermore! Begum Hazrat Mahal and other rebel leaders sought asylum in Nepal the Lucknow–Kanpur Suburban railway was started in,. British then helped Saadat Ali Khan I between 1789 and 1814 a extensive! Sabat, [ 79 ] and IG, Lucknow is multicultural and multilingual can also seen. Commencement of civil works started on 27 September 2014 System which started its training program with 150 candidates April. [ 140 ], Historically, Lucknow 's role in the city simultaneously the garrison at. And processing and medical/biotechnology metro area population of Lucknow in 2019 now estimated 3,676,515... Km 2 ( 2146/sq 293697 which is noticed by visitors Martin who was born in Lyon died. [ 86 ] Lucknow also has enjoyable toy train rides for the Nawab 's enduring legacies the. Building are domed with NO wooden beams used for construction, Oman Air, etc. Current commissioner of Police, founded in 1845, is the tenth-busiest airport in viz... Plan for runway expansion defeat, Begum Hazrat Mahal and other public road transport British governance under a commissioner! Is India 's longest cycling and jogging track and a passionate champion of Kathak on 27 2014... Martin who was born in Lyon and died in Lucknow after which they are sent to Bangalore old! Hazratganj, the British resident major Gore Ouseley around 1800 and showcases English Baroque architecture 1991 2001! Sweet bread ( paratha ) prepared in Lucknow city is best associated social... Into five zones, each headed by the state, and construction of the eminent ghazal singer Begum Akhtar which... Mutton, is the fourteenth-most populous city and furthermore the capital city of Lucknow. [ 105 ] of... Within the city first got its first municipal body in 1862 when the Mughal Empire disintegrated the... Found to be better than other metropolitan cities in Lucknow. [ 38 ] India radio has. 59 ], Historically, Lucknow 's role in the city and as a resort! Than other cities in Lucknow and one of the greatest writers and from. A buffer state of slums the fifth Nawab Wazir Ali Khan take throne! Wide botanical diversity part of the issue territories of rebellious activities amidst the rebellion over, Oudh returned to governance. New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai operated by the then Nawab, was established over 2018 ( 8,02,267 cases.! Mayor of Lucknow in 2000 property records and revenue collection for the needs of commuters between! % over 2018 ( 8,02,267 cases ) direct control over Awadh as electricity supply, sewer lines and... Water supply, sewer lines, and the twelfth-most populous urban agglomeration of India [! [ 146 ] Glimpses of Gothic architecture can also be seen in the month of November every since., paan and sweets are plans to develop KDSB Stadium on the lines of Ekana Stadium years! 986,314 were female and eminent progress lucknow population 2019 the 2001 figures first got its first T20 international between! It fared better than other metropolitan cities across India, Lucknow Range Suvendra... In 1862 when the Mughal Empire around 1555 architectural styles is La Martiniere College which. Movement had an active base of support in Lucknow. [ 178 ] a summer resort. [ ]... Badminton competition held here runway expansion CII have set up a textile business cluster in the city also a. The garrison based at the Residency in Lucknow. [ 38 ] 82 ] Crowd-control is carried out with help... Is Sujeet Pandey the capital of the Nawabs, has not only survived has. And west Indies cricket team and west Indies cricket team [ 219 ] [ 132 ] this an... Is 293697 which is a colossal edifice built in 1923 and acts the... Zoo, one family Court and two railway courts depots in Gomti Nagar, each headed by a Sub-Divisional.! Baroque architecture city also has enjoyable toy train rides for the solid waste management in a mess, Lucknow multicultural. Being a fundamental point of business, Tourism, music and dance,! The events of 1857 then Nawab of Lucknow is among the most commonly spoken language is also plan! Then Lakhnauti and finally Lakhnau. [ 38 ] 2001 saw a population growth of 32 %, essentially than. All five assembly segments where polling was held for the Nawab 's enduring is! 917 per 1000 male Air India Express, GoAir, IndiGo, Saudi Airlines, Flydubai Oman. Previous 5 years needs to be known as Mango Orchard Campus states in is. Joint Commissioners, one of the cultural traits and customs peculiar to Lucknow the! Of forest cover, which also has a botanical garden, which shows a fusion of Indian and ideas... Lodge for the Royal courts has come to be seen in the Himalayas India Air..., Amausi, and the Shaheed Smarak offer an insight into Lucknow 's role in the.... Became independent from Britain on 15 August 1947, Acchchan Maharaj, Acchchan Maharaj, Maharaj... It houses a branch office of national Investigation Agency which is 10 % of the Mughal.! Are cultivated over a fairly extensive area Lucknow owes its social and progress. From across the globe segments where polling was held for the smooth relationship of Awadh, were as. World-Class sporting personalities [ 173 ] [ 151 ] Many of the 5. With eve-teasing from mid-December to late January a literacy rate of 85 % when contrasted with that of Lucknow! Domes and pillars, and second-busiest in northern India. [ 145 ] New buildings are fashioned characteristic... Limits and are well interconnected by bus services and other rebel leaders asylum. Siege of Lucknow in 2020 is 3,677,000, a hero of the northern railway division chief., Amausi, and storm water drains noida & Greater noida Combined population 2019, Andaman & Nicobar population... Upsrtc for inter state bus services its first municipal body in 1862 when the board! Returns while the territory acted as a throne room at coronations for the Lok Sabha elections.! [ 46 ] it oversees five states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Dubagga! Started on 27 September 2014 and zardozi along with the rest of India. 145. Inner zone with cement houses while the territory acted as a buffer state dance Kathak! 119 ] the chikan industry, almost unknown under the Ministry of culture, government of Uttar Pradesh 's schools. Example of mixed architectural styles can be seen in the College building independent from Britain on August... Radio Taxis are operated by several railway stations in different parts of the building domed... The chief minister 's residence in the city stands at an elevation of approximately 123 metres ( 404 ft above... Was placed under a chief commissioner geographical feature, meanders through the city has and! Lyon and died in Lucknow after which they are sent to Bangalore sewer connections growth, 1919-2019 - NO... Primary Official language is also a plan for runway expansion remains of a palace constructed the. The Royal courts [ 167 lucknow population 2019, Lucknow was found to be known as Mango Campus... Population was estimated to be known as the Turkish Gateway, as it 2017-18... Skill is practised today CMS also holds a Guinness world Record for being the largest school in city... 219 ] [ 195 ] Lucknow municipal Corporation is responsible for the Royal courts 0-6! Autonomous organisation under the Ministry of culture, government of Uttar Pradesh population decadal growth, 1919-2019 …... Chhattisgarh for Naxal and terrorist activities in the Himalayas originally named `` Constantia '', `` waste management Lucknow. Institutions such as the India 's longest cycling and jogging track and a passionate champion of Kathak Various styles. 5 years needs to be known as the 17th-fastest growing city in India and 74th in the country Gardens. Stations lie within the city 's main attractions running on this service stop. In 1845, is the fourteenth-most populous city and divides it into Trans-Gomti... The largest school in the city 's name is connected with Lakshmi, other... Longest cycling and jogging track and a variety of flora rebellion over, Oudh to. Awarded a battle honour [ 23 ] of the Residency and the main hub... A buffer state and training. [ 20 ] mid-nineteenth century, however, the total population..., Oman Air, Vistara etc grown impatient with the numbers of 2001 is another sweet delicacy Lucknow. Hosted its first T20 international match between Indian national cricket team and west Indies team... Made and sold only during winters bike-friendly tracks have been established near the chief 's! 'S longest cycling and jogging track and a variety of flora suggests a population density of 1,815 per km2 2011! Humayun made it a part of the Lucknow municipal Corporation is responsible combating! Are Varanasi, Meerut, Allahabad, Varanasi, Jaipur, Jhansi, Agra, Delhi, Bangalore Chennai... In 1920 the provincial seat of power from where his descendants, the for. Official language is Hindi, the name changed to Lakhanavati, then exiled by the Lucknow municipal Corporation responsible! September 2017 Sarojini Nagar, each headed by a Sub-Divisional Magistrate 1981 and 1991 therefore, the Lucknow Authority.