Studies on the freshwater fishes of the Philippines have been conducted mostly in the country's major lakes. Lake Manguao is one of the two major lakes of the Philippines that harbors distinct endemic cyprinid populations, the other being Lake Lanao (Herre 1924, Day, A. L. 1914). An example is Sardinella tawilis, a freshwater sardine found only in Taal Lake. In the Philippines, Juliano et al. The Philippines has more than 280 inland fish, including nine endemic genera and more than 65 endemic species, many of which are confined to single lakes. 1998). List of Freshwater Fishes for Philippines Number of freshwater fish species: 308 The tables below were generated from - A project to provide indexing and links for all known species as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity. BATANGAS, Philippines — Rolly Orense, 50, has been fishing in Taal Lake in Batangas province since he was a seven-year-old boy. Philippines Checklist of Endemic Mammal Species ... (# indicates a species that is considered endemic due to a different concept of species boundaries as a result of splits than is used for the animal with the same scientific name in the ASM Mammal Diversity Database) ... Freshwater Fish Species 85. Freshwater fishes. 48328). Sardinella tawilis (Herre, 1927), the only freshwater sardine in the world, is endemic to Taal Lake, Philippines. Caused the extinction of 17 endemic cyprinid species and three genera of Lake Lanao (Ref. Tawilis is also used for these sardinella but it is a name probably most properly reserved for the Philippine freshwater fish specie endemic to Lake Taal. He is usually up at four in the morning to catch fish… is known about the diversity and status of endemic freshwater fishes which are equally valuable as bio-indicators of ecosystem health and an integral part of our country’s natural heritage (Vallejo 1986; Ng et al. It is a major fishery resource in the area. The Lake Manguao basin has three endemic freshwater fish and over ten globally threatened fish and other vertebrate species (Matillano 2004, IUCN 2010). (1989) reported the introduction of 34 freshwater fishes into the Philippines from 1905 to 1988 for aquaculture, ornamental fish, biological control and sport fishing. The loss of the endemic cyprinids has been attributed to the heavy predation by the species which was inadvertently stocked in the lake with Nile tilapia fingerlings coming from a government hatchery in Surigao del Norte (Ref. Freshwater Fishes in Southern Luzon, Philippines* Vachel Gay V. Paller Mark Nell C. Corpuz Pablo P. Ocampo *DOST-funded project, FishArk Philippines: Direction for the Conservation of Native and Endemic Philippine Freshwater Fishes Tinapa is the Filipino term for smoked fish while tuyo is the Filipino word for dry and is … All links below take … Many unique species of freshwater fishes, particularly gobies, pipefishes and halfbeaks are known to be restricted The loss of 15 of the 18 endemic cyprinids in Lake Lanao (Lanao del Sur) has been attributed to the accidental introduction of the white In India, the endemic species accounted for 27.8% of the native freshwater fish fauna, followed by South Korea (16.9%), the Philippines (16.3%), and Myanmar (15.7%). Marine Fish … This paper lists the migratory, endemic and exotic species found in Laguna Lake, Lake Taal, Lake Lanao, Lake Mainit and Lake Naujan Sardines are popular fish for canning, smoking and drying. 12217, 13446, 81887).