If you can't decide which one of your friends is, look no further. Her work has appeared in "Imagination, Cognition and Personality" and "Dreaming: The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Dreams." The consequence should hopefully make her consider changing her behavior. How to stop fighting with your brother or sister. For example, you might tell your sister, "If you continue to press me about my decisions regarding my personal life, I will no longer be spending weekends with you." You need to give more details before anyone can give you a solution to really help. The most important step is to keep them out of your personal business. Have your friend role play your sister explaining what is going on, and you can practice active listening. * I want to somehow send this message to her but I don't want her to be all like thinking I am incredibly strange*. Soon it'll drive her crazy! Do this during a calm time. I want to slap her, For goodness sake. Licensed family therapist Nicole Schwartz of ImperfectFamiiles.com suggests that parents can reduce annoying behavior of children by spending at least 10 minutes of one-on-one time with them daily. Reynolds also points out that it can help to take a long view toward irritating behavior, asking yourself whether her behavior is something that will matter next year, or even tomorrow. If those two things don’t work, sit your parents down some time when she hasn’t done anything and tell them what’s going on. However, the more frequently that she is unable to get a reaction from you, the more likely she will no longer resort to irritating behavior. Unfortunately, your adult sister may still thrive on being the proverbial thorn in your side, knowing just how to get under your skin. When sister tries to insert herself into your business, you play keep-away. Maybe a little bit of both? Setting boundaries also ensures that you will not have to continue to be irritated indefinitely. Change your passwords to e-mail accounts often. Answer: Ask her why she is being annoying and ask her to stop. Yeah, Details, Um, She always tells my mom everything I do and reads my text messages and tells them to my dad. but we are always stealin each guys. Another way is to send her a bouquet and a box of chocolates from the person she really hates. A sister can get on your nerves from time to time. I tell my sis I love everyonce in awhile so she would know that I do love her and don't want anything bad to happen to her. Kraig Scarbinsky/Digital Vision/Getty Images, Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Here are 10 things all older sisters can relate to. How North Korea's Kim marked the new year, Jennifer Lopez grieves for COVID-19 victims, 'Patriotic Millionaires' want to kick in on relief checks, Cheers! We're talking studying at friends' houses, extracurricular activities, and maybe a part-time job. Made me want to faint. As adults, both you and your sister have ideally outgrown the behaviors that you used as kids to annoy each other. When sister tries to insert herself into your business, you play keep-away. Ask other family members how they would deal with your sister's irritating behavior, given their familiarity with her. Is Pearl L. still in prison in New Mexico? In other words, whatever your child is doing is over for the time being. Whether it's the friend who doesn't text you back, the rude stranger at the grocery store or your self-centered Aunt Bertha who won't shut up about herself. Why would my aunt and her girlfriend keep trying to say that I was lying about an older man raping me when I was 15 years old ? We have provided a list of comebacks for a lot of the annoying kind of behaviour you will probably encounter in your day to day life. Like if you pushed her out the away a little. I was the annoying little sister, and my brothers were never able to get me to stop. Just be sure you’re doing this only as a lighthearted way to teach your sis how it feels to be in your shoes, not … If the non-compliance persists, then the show stops. Banar received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Buffalo State College and her Master of Arts in mental health counseling from Medaille College. Choose a consequence that has a significant impact on your sister. Sister act mum and daughter who get mistaken for sisters go to ibiza pool parties together and mum gets chatted up the most. Have you ever kissed or had sex with a relative. Then write a really long letter and post it to your address. Try to do it all day long and your sis will be just as annoyed as you are. Solution: So, what do you do when your sister-in-law hates you? If I don't help. Do they think you're nice, or do they think you're annoying? When she receives it she would look bewildered to see the annoying name there. If she doesn't get a reaction, she may lose her desire to continue the irritating behavior. I want to be able to have a good relationship with her, for when I am older if anything should happen to anyone else in the family. Then, she steals my clothes and hides them in places I'd never think of then gives them back to me when I don't need them. Mother gave a lot of money to brother and hid it: acceptable? Your nose is big," and then the worst insult of all, "You're fat." We've got you covered with our comebacks for annoying people ? Well I smack my sister in the head. 3. Unfortunately, as you settle into a life together, you may discover that your true selves can be quite annoying. Go to the hardware store and get a keyed lock and install it on your bedroom door... or at least turn your closet into a safe by locking up your stuff in it... or both. Being a big sister is a 24/7 job. Is what I want to say, But if I do She'll smack me Straight away. What’s worse, she cannot keep any secrets either; so, something you may have confided in her about comes out embarrassingly at the next family gathering! Bossing me around Is what I can't take. Pick a time when your sister’s not doing anything obnoxious and do something nice for her. Spending my money Is not great. What do you do when your hormonal teenage cousin asks you for a. Find out right now! How to get my parents to see I'm sorry so they can unground me? Listen, if it turns out by the end of this article that you are the annoying friend - not to fear. If not, it may be better to just let the frustration go and not engage when your sister starts up the irritating behaviors. If you are younger than your annoying sister, it is best to give her enough space and act the part of sweet little sister to earn her love. I’m 26 now ? Keep your socializing away from her and the house. How to get rid of annoying sisters. Answer: Ask her why she is being annoying and ask her to stop. I have to share a room with my little sis. Do the same to her and then she'll see how it feels. In the end, however, you are still siblings. Annoying other people can be a fun thing to do if you do it in moderation. Whether you're talking to someone in person, chatting over text, or interacting online, you can easily annoy them in a variety of ways. This requires patience and practice. Learn to ignore your sister's irritating behavior. P.S. Once you've identified your sister's irritating behavior and how it is affecting you, you have the right to state your boundaries for what you will and will not tolerate. If you are an elder sister or brother, make sure that you shower enough love and care to keep your sister happy. Do what you have to do to stay out of trouble... get your chores done and keep your grades up... but spend as much time as possible out of sister's reach. Annoying your siblings was a full-time job. When you do this, they will stop annoying you and be more open and friendly towards you. Yeah i would cheer her up even though shes annoying as heck shes still my sister and i love her No way she can deal with it herself Now i got him lol Don't tell her anything. And if her behavior is unintentionally irritating, you may find it easier to let go of the frustration over time.