Here’s a quick explanation of how Turbo […] This is because Nutrisystem builds in two "flex days" each week where the customer follows Nutrisystem guidelines to provide and make their own meals and snacks. Nutrisystem doesn’t have a bulk ordering plan; both of its subscriptions are month-by-month. The last time I checked the fee ran about $125. [CDATA[ In the Nutrisystem buy one month and get one month free offer you’ll get 2 full months worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks for the price of one month. Candi says that Ken rocked month one and she rocked month two. Auto ship costs ~ $280 / month. Unfortunately, the only way to cancel Nutrisystem auto-delivery without paying a fee is to do so in the first 14 days or after the second month’s shipment. “2 for 1” is a deceptive advertisement. “My activity is the same as what it was before we did Nutrisystem, and I’m losing weight, and I don’t think that I would’ve done this without Nutrisystem.”. FALSE ADVERTISING. Not quite true. Save only $50 for 2 months. Umm, let me tell you that eating chocolate covered pretzels makes replying to emails so much more fun – this Lean 13 program is almost too good to be true!. Only four more weeks on Nutrisystem, and then we're going to have to work hard to keep losing on our own!” Candi says. “Here’s the thing that I like about Nutrisystem,” Candi says, and points out to Ken that she’s not going to exercise. Calling a Nutrisystem counselor, she verified that there is, in fact, only 20 days of food on the 28 day plan. Candi does the math and says that she’s lost 9.18% and gloats in her victory! First, however, Candi shows us her new hair. Before diving into our 2nd week I read through the Nutrisystem literature to make a sort of meal-planner to hang on the fridge to simplify what we should be eating throughout the day. Ken says that he has lost 20 pounds the first month and only 5.6 the second month. If discontinuing auto-delivery prior to the second order, we do have a standard fee of $125 for the auto-delivery discounts received on the first order. Carly holds up the board so we can all see. function raise_popup(msg, url) { alert(msg); window.location = url; } // ]]> // ]]> She looks great and this diet appears to be working for her! //