Professor Russel Deacon: Publications

Professor Deacon has published extensively on the topics of education, business and politics, particularly leadership within the devolved nations of the UK (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). Professor Deacon’s research work has been cited widely in the media and in publications such as Hansard. Here is a selected list of publications ....


  • Devolved Great Britain: the  New Governance of England, Scotland and Wales, with Dylan Griffiths and Peter Lynch, Sheffield Hallam University Press, 2000

  • ‘God Bless the Prince of Wales’, with Steve Belzak, Centre for Reform in Wales, 2000

  • The Welsh Office and the Policy Process (1964-1999), Welsh Academic Press, 2002

  • Devolution in Britain Today, Manchester University Press, 2006

  • Devolved Great Britain: the  New Governance of England, Scotland and Wales with Alan Sandry, Edinburgh University Press, 2007

  • Devolved Great Britain: the  New Governance of England, Scotland and Wales,2nd edition, Edinburgh University Press, 2012

  • Forthcoming: The Welsh Liberal Tradition, A History of the Welsh Liberal Party 1867 – 2008, Welsh Academic Press, 2012


  • 'European Local Government Networking within Wales' with Dr Alan Lawton, in Case Studies in Public Sector Management, 1995, Lawton and McKevitt (ed) Blackwell, Oxford

  •  ‘Wales’ in 2000 Politico’s Guide to the General Election, Simon Henig and Lewis Baston (eds), Politicos Publishing

  • ‘Wales’ in 2002 The Political Map of Britain, Simon Henig and Lewis Baston (eds), Politicos Publishing

  • The Liberals and Decentralisation, 2009, book chapter in Kevin Hickson's The political thought of the Liberals and Liberal Democrats since 1945, Manchester University Press

  • ‘Devolution and leadership’, in Politics UK, 6th edition, 2010, Pearson Longman

  • Forthcoming: ‘Devolution and leadership’, in Politics UK, 7th edition, 2013, Pearson Longman


  • 'More Effective Seminars'  The New Academic Vol 3 No 2 Spring 1994

  • 'A Shake-Up for Wales DHAs' with Tracey Deacon, Health Services Management April 1994

  • 'Reform of the Health Service in Wales' with Tracey Deacon, Public Money & Management, July-September 1994

  • 'D is for Drink O if for Overdrawn: A Student Awareness Survey' Higher Education Review,  Autumn 1994

  • 'Labour Day' The Winners and Losers in Wales first unitary authority elections, Representation, Spring 1996

  • ‘New Labour and the Welsh Assembly: Shaping the Vision or updating the Wales Act, 1978’, Journal of Federal Studies, November 1996.

  • New Labour and devolution for Scotland and Wales, with Peter Lynch, Politics Review, Vol 6, No. 2, November 1996.

  • Launching the devolution decade? Labour and devolution to Scotland and Wales, with Peter Lynch, University of Sterling, Contemporary Politics, Vol 2, Number 4, Winter 1996

  • Identifying the Origins of Welsh Local Government Reform, The Journal of Legislative Studies Volume 3, Number 1, Autumn 1997

  • ‘Wales first unitary authority elections’, Contemporary Wales 1997, University of Wales Press

  • How the Additional Member System was Buried and then Resurrected in Wales, Representation/ Vol 34, No 3 and 4, Autumn/Winter 1997

  • The Hidden Federal Party: The Welsh Liberal Democrats and the Policy Process, Regional Studies, July 1998 Vol 32.5.

  • ‘The Steady Tapping Breaks the Rock’: Liberalism in Wales, Journal of Liberal Democrat History, Issue 22, Spring 1999

  • ‘Pushing at a closed door’ The 1998 Welsh Local Government Review and its implications for electing Welsh councils, Local Government Studies, Autumn 2000

  • ‘Early Days’ the First year of the National Assembly For Wales (1999-2000), Talking Politics, April 2001, Vol 13, No 3

  • ‘Welsh Devolution and Grassroots Democracy’: A Study on the Relationship between the National Assembly for Wales and Community and Town Councils in South Wales’ with Steve Belzak, Local Governance, Institute of Local Government Studies, Vol.27, No.3, Autumn 2001

  • Lord Howells: The Last Interview, Journal of Liberal History, Winter 2004

  • The Slow Death of Liberal Wales – 1906 – 1979, Journal of Liberal History, Winter 2005

  • The Welsh Liberal Democrats From Government to Opposition and then back Again, The Political Quarterly, Vol 78, Issue 1, 2007 pp.156-164

  •  Devolution in Wales: Claims and Responses, 1937–1979 Parliamentary Affairs 2008 Vol 61: 414-418 

  • Cardiff Liberal Council Politics at the birth of the city (1868-1906), The Journal of Glamorgan History, Morgannwg, Volume LIII 2010

  • The Party System in the UK, Parliamentary Affairs 2010 Vol 63: 577-582

  • Why  the post-1992 Welsh universities students aren’t engaging with ERASMUS (Study Abroad): A case study on UWIC’s Department of Humanities, EducationStudies, Vol 3, Issue 1, January 2011, page 2-19

  • It wasn’t only Lloyd George’s daughters: A short history of some of the more prominent Welsh female Liberal politicians (1890-1988), Journal of Liberal History, Summer 2011


  • Professor Deacon has published a further 40 articles and papers in non refereed publication, newspaper, web sites  and journals. He has also presented his research at academic conferences in the UK and European and as a public speaker.